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News & Resources

There’s a wide variety of tools available for investors in the cryptocurrency space. What are the most reliable sources and how do we prepare for the 2021 bull run?  Twitter, Reddit and Telegram are an excellent place to start when searching for “real-time” news.  Normally, when you hear about the market from the mainstream media you’re late to the party. Always do your own research and here are some helpful sites to assist you on your journey:

Legitimacy & Longevity

How do you gain confidence in a project before investing your hard-earned money? Some key factors in determining the legitimacy, longevity and opportunity cost are: Who are founders/developers, how long has the project been around, what are the current exchange listings and how well do they communicate with their audience. Here are some trusted resources to learn more about popular cryptocurrencies:

Technical Analysis & Tools

Traders and investors are looking for clues that might reveal how coins will perform through 2021. Token Metrics provides cryptocurrency reviews, price predictions AI analysis and can help you find profitable investments. Furthermore, if you are looking for bull/bear indicators, buy/sell warnings and additional support, take a look at Market Cipher. Below are some helpful cryptocurrency technical analysis and price prediction tools:

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